HUTCHISON 107.750 (03:00 03.03)
HANG SENG F. 24840.0000 (03:00 03.03)
AUD/CAD 0.97421 (03:00 03.03)
NZD/JPY 90.032 (03:00 03.03)
EUR/AUD 1.44012 (03:00 03.03)
ASX FUTURE 5944.000 (03:00 03.03)
RIO-AU 64.7400 (03:00 03.03)
BHP-AU 33.6350 (03:00 03.03)
AUD/NZD 1.03329 (03:00 03.03)
ANZ BANK 35.9350 (03:00 03.03)
CAD/JPY 95.496 (03:00 03.03)
AUD/JPY 93.029 (03:00 03.03)
GBP/JPY 184.004 (03:00 03.03)
ASX 5962.500 (03:00 03.03)
NZD/USD 0.75226 (03:00 03.03)
HANG SENG 24896.490 (03:00 03.03)
EUR/USD 1.11939 (03:00 03.03)
EUR/JPY 133.972 (03:00 03.03)
AUD/USD 0.77729 (03:00 03.03)
USD/JPY 119.684 (03:00 03.03)
AUD/JPY 93.090 (02:45 03.03)
EUR/USD 1.11937 (02:45 03.03)
EUR/JPY 134.014 (02:45 03.03)
AUD/USD 0.77756 (02:45 03.03)
USD/JPY 119.722 (02:45 03.03)
AUD/CAD 0.97419 (02:40 03.03)
HUTCHISON 107.650 (02:30 03.03)
SSE180 VS CSI300 2.2148 (02:30 03.03)
TENCENT HOLDINGS 137.1000 (02:30 03.03)
SHANGHAI COMPOSITE 3289.821 (02:30 03.03)

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